Pythons: the best Pet


I own a Ball Python. His name is Hercules and he's great. I love snakes! They are quite fun.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Cool looking.
  • It's fun to watch them eat.
I found a good article, that really has good information. Check out Ball Pythons.

Hercules has been a great python. I have never been bitten. He did strike at me once but that was my fault.
(Don't reach into a snake cage quickly, you might be mistaken for food.)


Writely Title Workaround

Well I have to admit I am a little frustrated about the
writely title bug. When you post from Writely it doesn't put the title of your document in the title of the post. At least with Blogger it doesn't. I searched and googled but couldn't find a hack or anything.

Well this is what I have come up with.

  1. Log in to blogger and check your template settings. You are looking for the "title" color setting. (color:#ad9 for me)
  2. You put your title in your Writely doc. on the first line
  3. Change the Font size to approximate the setting at Blogger (14pt and BOLD for me)
  4. Write your post and before you post go into the HTML editor tab and go change your "title" color setting

So it's not perfect but it will work for now. That seems to be my biggest gripe with Writely. If you know of a better way please comment or email me.



We are all creatures of habit. It's the truth whether we like it or not. We live and die by our habits. The structured or even seemingly unstructured lives we lead tend to be ones of habit. The way you go to work is a habit. The way you brush your teeth, things you say, people you see, what you eat, everything. Life is a habit.

"You don't win once in awhile, winning is a habit", Vince Lombardi. Check out the book. Attitude becomes a habit.

We can decide though which habits we are going to perpetuate and which ones we will abandon (replace.) Unfortunately it seems you can't really give up a habit you have to replace it with something else. This can be easily said but pretty difficult to accomplish in real time. What was it that I heard as a kid, "it takes 30 days to make a habit"? Same in reverse. The beauty comes when we realize we have a choice.

With each breath you can decide what you are going to do next. It won't be easy but it's worth it. Face it things can always be worse. You could be looking at the inside of a pine box.

Lazy Way


Hey I found a cool website today, Lazy Way. This is a really a good site. You have to take a moment to read it. I have been taught all my life that being lazy was a bad thing. As I get older I have noticed how properly defined and approached there can be a bit of magic involved.

The goal is to be effective. I really feel that effectiveness is the key in all areas of life to be successful.

  • Family- quantity is necessary but you need to make it quality.
  • Work- If you don't provide results, you don't get paid as much, plain and simple.
  • Health- Again the end result determines your quality of life. It's a fact that you feel better when you live a healthy lifestyle. You need sleep.
  • Spiritual- If you just show up to your synagogue, temple, or church, you shortchange yourself. If you believe it, live it.

Lazy, maybe or maybe not, it boils down to your priorities and your attitude. We all need to take time to relax, count to 10.

Meditate to appreciate.

Writely So!!


Well this is cool. I guess I have been out of things for awhile. This whole idea of moving desktop apps to the web is impressive. This is my first actual document written with Writely . It seems the Google guys never stop raising the bar.

If you are in the dark like I was, here's the lowdown. Writely is a word processor in a browser. It has tons of cool features like collaboration, publishing, and of course blogging features.

This is really the stuff you need to get it. You've got a gmail account right?! That's all you need and you can log in. Write some doc's and save to your hard drive or post, it has it all.

Kidz !?$%#*


I have a fairly big family, 6 kids. My oldest is 15 and we have twins that are now 14 yrs old. Fortunately my wife has been able to be a stay at home mom. Getting them to do their chores can be quite a challenge. It seems they will do everything to avoid chores for days at a time. Then they like flush the toilet and want a standing ovation.

Drives me nuts! All I am asking is to do your share. I have work, school, and family (notice I am not supposed to have any outside interests; ie, minitrucks, music, friends, martial arts.) Well that's life when you have kids.

Speaking of movies you might want to check out Kids in Mind. It's pretty cool. I found out "clerks 2" has 139 F-words! Thats more than 1 every minute of the show, Not recommended. Kidz are like sponges so you have to be careful.

After all is said and done. I am one lucky guy.

RFID Keyboard


Well a friend at work showed me this article yesterday.

You with your technical savvy perform surgery on your keyboard to implant an RF receiver. Then you have a the transmitter in your wallet or where ever and as you pass it within 2 ft. of the keyboard....
Whalla! You gain access.
You are so cool!
I guess there is some software that you would need to install. The theory being as you have left your computer, or any time you would need to logon this (RF setup) would become your logon.

Heck you could even get the RF thing implanted in your hand.

That might be a little extreme however.