I don't know what it is but I LOVE minitrucks. I currently own an '88 S15. To get an idea of what I am talkin' bout, you need to check out Layin' I can't wait to trick my truck out.

Maybe it's the air suspension that is so alluring. I can hardly hold back my anticipation. I want to be able to layout the truck while cruisin' down the road and throwin' sparks. Perhaps it's the 20 inch rims that shine in sun.

You can't overlook the details. That is what separates the interested and the passionate. I think that, however, is within every arena of "sport." You will have those individuals who do enough and those who will forever push the envelope.

So if you're going to do it.....
Put the pedal to the floor, let the air out and the sparks fly!

New Voting Machines


We voted today in our Republican Primary. We were able to try out the new machines. They are pretty cool. In fact I would definitely encourage their use.

If you haven't used them, I will give you a synopsis.
The poll worker gives you a "voter" card, sort of like a library card with the little chip in it.
The voting machine accepts it, kind of like an ATM machine. It snaps in but you can still see it.
It is then all done with the touch screen. You can back up, check a candidate, uncheck, recheck.
After that, on a register tape the machine prints your ballot. (You only see your ballot.)
At this point you actually have 2 retries in case you change your mind.
So then you finish and the tape rolls out of sight.

I think they will be good for the country.
Then again as the saying goes,
"To err is human, to really foul things up you need a computer!"

When? Is it just when one illegally crosses our border? I heard Bob Lonsberry this morning talking about this subject and I had to stop and think.
Guess what? I think he's right! If I were to trespass on the property of some individual or company, I am at fault as long as I am there illegally. Even if I can hide from you for years in the rose bushes, you can still sue my A$$. (Excuse my French)
Now where did that phrase come from? Oops maybe another time.
We should not exempt an individual who has been daily, hourly, and even by the minute breaking our law.
Enforcement is the key, It's about time we start doing it.
Enuff said.

Well... we were going to see a show at the theater, but by the time we got there,
Ice Age 2 had already started. So... We went to the Leatherby's for some ice
cream. Which was OK, but not great, overpriced a bit.

We decided to watch "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" at home. Which was produced by MGM in
1954. It stars Howard Keel and Jane Powell. There's kidnapping, fights, and all
kinds of fun. It's quite a fun show, IF you can get past all the singing.

    Some of my favorite quotes are:
  • "What do I need manners for? I already got me a wife," Adam Pontipee.
  • "They're out to murder you and what do you do? Apologize for livin'!" Adam
  • "Somehow it just don't seem fittin' for a bridegroom to spend his weddin' night in a tree," Millie.
  • "The wolves would seem like good company after what I just been through,"
    Adam Pontipee.

All in all I give it a 5. Almost a 6-pack.

Note: Since I am a soda guy, I am going to rate movies on a 6-pack basis.