I just got an e-mail today. (surprising I know.)

"Brother" to Extended:

By the way, Christmas lists for "Sister", "Brother 2", and "Brother 3" & "his wife" have been updated on google documents, and mine will be up in a matter of hours (by "Sister").  We're waiting on the other lists, but if you wanna get started buying presents you can. 

It's interesting to note that less than a month ago, the "family" address was just that. Now it appears there has been a distinction made between what is "family" and what is disowned Extended. They had this big discussion also last month about voting and who would get vote's, Land Owners (Original Siblings) and who wouldn't, peasants filth of the earth (spouse and offspring of an Original Sibling).

I am so glad to be part of this Democratic party (Asses) who show you can have the Christmas spirit without giving up your normal self-Righteous Holier than thou should ever contemptuously hope to be identity.


Merry Christmas to all and to all beneath I , GOOD RIDDANCE!

Annual Name Draw


As is the tradition this time of year we draw names to see who will buy for who.

  • Jeffy drew out Daddy
  • Aleia -- Jeffy and Linky ( the baby)
  • Tommy -- Aleia
  • Eric -- Laena
  • Clint -- Mommy
  • Mommy -- Eric
  • Daddy -- Clint
So all in all tons of Fun!!!! Off to the stores