I know a sure fire way to make your vote count. It is really quite a simple process. It is simplicity in its most beautiful form. I have discovered this only after I have grown from my youthful all knowing supremacy. It is true and yet so often overlooked.

Here are the two steps, yes only two.

  1. Go and Vote!
  2. Go and Pray!

Yep that is all. "Work like it all depends on you and Pray like it all depends on Him." I have heard that at church all my life. You probably have too. I don't care if you worship Christ, Buddha, Allah, Nintendo or Playstation. You have to believe in something for there to be a Power.

So there it is, pretty simple. Most gratifying things are...

Well life has been a bit hectic lately. Little Sahara was blast. We found the Sandboarding to be much better this time of year. I usually take the scouts at the end of September or the first of October. This time it was later in the year and much colder. We also had a rain within the previous week. So what does this translate to?

  • Sand was harder, the board didn't sink.
  • Sand was a little moist so the board seemed to slide better.
  • Night time was pretty frigid.

The boys were quite the troopers. We used hot rocks wrapped in paper bags to keep our sleeping bags a little warmer through the night. The trick is to make sure the rock isn't glowing. That is too hot. Plus you need to make sure there are no embers still stuck to the rock. We also will wrap the rock in aluminum foil before wrapping in a pape bag. We had 3 boys and 3 leaders. The boys tent was fine however one of the leaders almost lit the leader tent on fire. Not really but there was some smoke. He missed an ember.

My digital camera died. We used an old 35 mm Canon. It works well but for some reason my CD hasn't come in yet. Hopefully today.