Little Sahara Camp


Woohoo! We are going to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes this weekend. It should be alot of fun. We are planning on doing some hiking, compass skills, and sandboarding. We will also do some star gazing tonight. It is really amazing how much more you can see when you get outside the "glow" of the city.

I wish I had some 4-wheelers but oh well. It is always nice to just get away from it all. We might also be able to check out some animals. I plan on posting some pictures from this event at my Picasa Web album.

What are some of your fun places to go camping?

This site is really cool. I happen to stumble across it from this article at the Time website.

I jumped on to see just how my house rated. No I am not going to show you. For me it was a little depressing. My house is the cheapest in the whole neighborhood. Oh well, I probably have a lower mortgage payment. Zillow , the name, came from the idea of zillions of data available. Iknow I haven't even touched the surface of what you can do.

If anything else it's a lot of fun. See what your relatives houses are worth.

about me


Who am I? You know that is a really good question. I have often wondered this myself. How does one answer that?

"To know yourself, look at what you are doing when you don't have to be doing something" - David O. McKay

I think that is a pretty good way of defining ones self.

So where does that place me? I am still unclear. It seems I don't ever have anytime for myself. Here is a list though of what I am throughout the week.

  • Family man with a lovely wife and a bunch of great kids.
  • Programmer - Soda company.
  • Runner - couple of marathons under my belt.
I know I could be more and this is my mission.

Pushing the envelope?


Have you ever taken a joke too far? smile_confused


These two remarks are very similar in context. However they both arouse different emotions. It's probably stemming from experience.


We see people who really push themselves to accomplish some really amazing things. They have that winner attitude wherein they "Push the envelope." They go out there on a limb, risk takers. I myself usually feel inspired and uplifted by these type of people. I will try to emulate their eagerness and energy.


I will bet a nickel. (A co-worker is always saying that!) You have had someone play a joke and just go across that line. They end up humiliating somebody. Why? Didn't they see the "line"?


What is it that differentiates in ones mind where it is they need to stop? Is it a learned response? I think if it is then learning where to draw the line can be learned. I am pretty optimistic we can better ourselves. It takes time and patience. Plus a little bit of analysis.


If we don't learn to understand ourselves how can we appreciate anyone else.