Blogosphere Arrogance


I have to admit this cartoon made me chuckle.
If a Blog Falls
The guys make a poignant statement. The "Blogosphere" is the Shiznit! But really come on now. There are things that happen everyday to each one of us that will have much more significant impact that will never hit the Blogosphere radar. For instance, the person who wrecks into you at the mall. What about the network going down at work? Think about when your daughter’s or son’s friend contracted cancer? These are things in everyday life that will make an impact on our individual lives. I know I have commented on just a few things that I have recently encountered, but what is it that has happened to you and your family recently. It is things like this that can actually get us to stop and THINK. We have all heard the phrase, "Thoughts precede action." It really is true.

The trick is to focus and control those thoughts of ours so we can move forward and be the ones who will make a change in others lives, whether or not it hits the Blogosphere.