Diets and Lotteries


We were discussing diets today. People have taken the word diet and transfigured it. Look up the definition of the word.
It means "food and drink regularly provided or consumed". Where did we come up with this idea that we could "diet" and lose weight. Then when were skinny start eating the way that made us fat. What's going to happen?

We are going to be fat again. Duh!!

Take a look at all the lottery winners. Within like 5 years they have spent millions and have little to show for it. They are poor again. How often do we hear people say,

"When I (something) things are going to change!"

Bullshit. Things rarely change, people have to change. The way you change your circumstances is you make an internal change.

You want to be healthier, start eating healthy til forever.
You want to have more money, spend less.
"Eazier said than Dunn," Eric Wright