Global Scope ?


Have you ever thought about what your scope is set to?

If you look at it from a techie perspective, What is within your range? What can you have direct access to and what has direct impact on you? You being a variable.

I had a discussion today about this. If your scope is just local, and only a few lines of code at that. You are really limiting yourself. However if you set yourself up for "Global Scope", how does that change your world and impact your decisions?

The impact can be ENORMOUS.
Just a thought.



I LOVE Movies! I don't know why but..(Of course I do! Why do people say that?!)

"I myself am often surprised by lifes' little quirks," Wesley Princess Bride

I am really looking forward to the sequel of Pirates of the Carribbean. It's gonna be good.

In the future I will be doing "Movie Review: " posts. Hit me up with your favorites.

Good Days and . . . .


We all seem to have good days and other days. I think it was Les Brown who described his "other" days as "character building" days. I think this is so appropriate. The only thing that makes a day "bad" is our attitude.

Saturday started off looking OK but not great. Well things didn't get any better. I kept getting knocked down all day. That's life though. I don't know why yesterday was such a challenge but it WAS.

A little bit about myself. I am a truckdriver for a beverage company. At least I was until yesterday. Not that yesterday has anything to do with my switch come Monday morning. I have been driving truck for 1.5 decades. I have been going to the Community College for about 6 years. I have been married for 16 years. We have our own basketball squad with a couple of benchwarmers. However come Monday morning I am going to be Mr. Programmer for the same beverage company.

Back to the reason for this post. Life sucks. But then again think of it like this, If its gonna suck it might as well be one of those nice icy cold Slurpee's where the beat of the worldly Sun makes the Slurpee feel oh soo cool in your hand.

Have a BRAINFREEZE, on those "Bad" days. It'll remind you youre alive. It can always be worse.