Sold OUT!!!!

At least that's what I think right now. I got in "queue"  for the Stadium of Fire Hell tickets at 4:57. About a half hour later I'm booted off. This is lame!!Angry

50,000 tickets gone in a half hour. At least that's what I'm assuming since their site seems to be down. Everyone knew they were going to sell out. I would think they would have been prepared. Isn't this the organization that heavily sponsors the Boy Scouts. The "Be Prepared" boys. I just don't get it and apparently tickets aren't the only thing!!

Well I didn't want to see the over rated Cyrus kid.

Oh well such is life. plus that means I have an extra $400!!

I know math is good for something. I just can't think of it right now. I think that may be cause I have had to study it so Damn much lately.Angry I guess I should be thankful I didn't have to take my college algebra exam on Monday, but hell-0 I sometimes just don't see why I should care about the graph of x2. I know I should but I don't what I care about is getting back my tuition. I am kind of lucky work is going to pay for this class.Whistling 

Well, I have got to take the test tomorrow, I think. So I better finish this blasted homework.


I might regret this.Cowboy 

There are times in Life when you just need to rock out. Some anger music to make the blood boil and blow off some steam. I'm talkin' Limp Bizkit breakin stuff, Motley Crue Don't go away mad (just go away), BuckCherry Lit up, Stabbing Westward Save yourself. I don't what it is, but it helps. Maybe the fact that music is rhythmic and it can synchronize the brain waves.

I don't know but bring it on.