Well it’s true again. I’ve got the bug. I am going to do a Triathlon this summer. I picked up the new issue of TriathleteMag. I have run the St. George Marathon 2 times. I attempted the Salem Spring Tri in 2003. That has been awhile. I like most novice triathletes struggled with the swim. The water temperature was at 55 degrees. I was able to complete the bike (with one flat, no pump, some nice dude B) helped me out!) The run was no problem. I didn’t actually cross the finish line.

It was a good experience. I want to train more this time around. I am contemplating joining a Tri Club. There’s the DesertSharks or maybe the Team Telos.

For now I am starting the tri workout in the TriathleteMag. It’s a 12 week course to prepare for a sprint distance race. Today I ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes to warm up and then it was on the stationary bike for 22 minutes. So it’s a start.