Pushing the envelope?


Have you ever taken a joke too far? smile_confused


These two remarks are very similar in context. However they both arouse different emotions. It's probably stemming from experience.


We see people who really push themselves to accomplish some really amazing things. They have that winner attitude wherein they "Push the envelope." They go out there on a limb, risk takers. I myself usually feel inspired and uplifted by these type of people. I will try to emulate their eagerness and energy.


I will bet a nickel. (A co-worker is always saying that!) You have had someone play a joke and just go across that line. They end up humiliating somebody. Why? Didn't they see the "line"?


What is it that differentiates in ones mind where it is they need to stop? Is it a learned response? I think if it is then learning where to draw the line can be learned. I am pretty optimistic we can better ourselves. It takes time and patience. Plus a little bit of analysis.


If we don't learn to understand ourselves how can we appreciate anyone else.

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