New Voting Machines


We voted today in our Republican Primary. We were able to try out the new machines. They are pretty cool. In fact I would definitely encourage their use.

If you haven't used them, I will give you a synopsis.
The poll worker gives you a "voter" card, sort of like a library card with the little chip in it.
The voting machine accepts it, kind of like an ATM machine. It snaps in but you can still see it.
It is then all done with the touch screen. You can back up, check a candidate, uncheck, recheck.
After that, on a register tape the machine prints your ballot. (You only see your ballot.)
At this point you actually have 2 retries in case you change your mind.
So then you finish and the tape rolls out of sight.

I think they will be good for the country.
Then again as the saying goes,
"To err is human, to really foul things up you need a computer!"

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