Writely Title Workaround

Well I have to admit I am a little frustrated about the
writely title bug. When you post from Writely it doesn't put the title of your document in the title of the post. At least with Blogger it doesn't. I searched and googled but couldn't find a hack or anything.

Well this is what I have come up with.

  1. Log in to blogger and check your template settings. You are looking for the "title" color setting. (color:#ad9 for me)
  2. You put your title in your Writely doc. on the first line
  3. Change the Font size to approximate the setting at Blogger (14pt and BOLD for me)
  4. Write your post and before you post go into the HTML editor tab and go change your "title" color setting

So it's not perfect but it will work for now. That seems to be my biggest gripe with Writely. If you know of a better way please comment or email me.

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