Lazy Way


Hey I found a cool website today, Lazy Way. This is a really a good site. You have to take a moment to read it. I have been taught all my life that being lazy was a bad thing. As I get older I have noticed how properly defined and approached there can be a bit of magic involved.

The goal is to be effective. I really feel that effectiveness is the key in all areas of life to be successful.

  • Family- quantity is necessary but you need to make it quality.
  • Work- If you don't provide results, you don't get paid as much, plain and simple.
  • Health- Again the end result determines your quality of life. It's a fact that you feel better when you live a healthy lifestyle. You need sleep.
  • Spiritual- If you just show up to your synagogue, temple, or church, you shortchange yourself. If you believe it, live it.

Lazy, maybe or maybe not, it boils down to your priorities and your attitude. We all need to take time to relax, count to 10.

Meditate to appreciate.

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