Kidz !?$%#*


I have a fairly big family, 6 kids. My oldest is 15 and we have twins that are now 14 yrs old. Fortunately my wife has been able to be a stay at home mom. Getting them to do their chores can be quite a challenge. It seems they will do everything to avoid chores for days at a time. Then they like flush the toilet and want a standing ovation.

Drives me nuts! All I am asking is to do your share. I have work, school, and family (notice I am not supposed to have any outside interests; ie, minitrucks, music, friends, martial arts.) Well that's life when you have kids.

Speaking of movies you might want to check out Kids in Mind. It's pretty cool. I found out "clerks 2" has 139 F-words! Thats more than 1 every minute of the show, Not recommended. Kidz are like sponges so you have to be careful.

After all is said and done. I am one lucky guy.

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