Things have gone awry, sort of. There is a new member of my TEAM. Lincoln was born on Monday Oct. 2nd. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. Mom is doing fine. We did the WebNursery so check it out and leave us a note.

Things needless to say have been a bit hectic the last week. I feel kind of bad since I haven't once done any training. It has been Mr. Mom, laundry, dishes, chauffeur the kids all over. We now have 1 in diapers, 1 about preschool, 2 elementary, 2 middle school, and 1 in high school. Plus if you factor in that it has rained every single day this week. So have I given you enough excuses?

You're right, SEALS train all the time in the rain. I am going to go for a run TONIGHT!

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