Strength of Children


Monday was a fairly stressful yet beautiful day. Our four year old, "Deedle", had to have an inguinal hernia operation. He has always been the typical boy, runnin', jumpin', and horsin' around. He has that grin that drives all the storm clouds away. He just cracks that smile and life IS good. So it can be quite tasking emotionally when he has to endure a some measure of pain. Parents want to protect their children from danger and pain. He needed this operation however and we couldn't avoid it.

Two of our other children got sick over the weekend and needed to go to the doctor. (Influenza and 2 ear infections, we are so lucky!smile_sarcastic) So Mom took the 2 and I took Deedle.

Things went smoothly and like a trooper he did amazingly well. (I would still be layed up.) In post-op he told me he was doing "fine". They had given him a local pain killer and a general pain med. through the IV during the surgery. Since then he hasn't needed any additional pain killers. What a guy! We asked him numerous times, if he was ok? Every time it was, "I'm fine."

Oh, to be young again.

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