Well I have to admit I was a little surprised when I heard this.

Some politicians are trying to push forward the policy of granting Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. This just ain't right. I have been paying into SS all my working life, (23 yrs.) Do you think I am going to see any of that?

Monetarily, No, However....
What are the other benefits I have recieved. I have been able to live a pretty good life. I have access to some of the best health care in the world. Prescriptions are a little pricey. I get to play a role in the choice of local and national leaders.

I can be a CAPITALIST!!
and Our Military can KICK their Military Ars.
It's a small price to pay, God Bless America, Hooyah!

Clarification for my WIFE.....

Social Security for Illegals would SUCK, is wrong and morally irreprehensible!

Me paying Social Security is OK,(Even though I won't ever see that money again.)

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carbonated said...

I agree with you entire post. Why should people who aren't citizens of this country recieve its benefits?