Okay here's the situation. A friend of my best friend is engaged to be married. She has to my knowledge been a Christian for the better part of 20 yrs. Her fiance is a proclaimed Atheist. Isn't marriage a religious institution? I had believed that the differences in marriage were due to the differences in the religious practices and beliefs of the individuals entering into marriage. Is it really just a union or contract? Depending on the individual, aren't there a religious references throughout the entire process? Here's a list of things I thought of.

  • Ceremony conducted by a religious leader.
  • Vows are an similitude of covenants, Religious contracts between "Man and God."
  • "Giving away the Bride" another transfer of responsibility. First being from a Heavenly Father to an earthly father.
  • Bride "taking the Last name" stems from religious conversion. When one converts to a Christian Faith they take the Name of Christ as they covenant to be like Him.
  • Wearing the ring on the fourth finger. This denotes a completion of
    1. Father
    2. Son
    3. and Holy Ghost

These are just a few! So what are they going to do? As an Atheist will he refuse to do these things? If he does, will he not mean it? If that is the case wouldn't that violate their contract? So do they just contract at the court house?

It's all confusing. My advice marry within your belief system. Saves time and answers a lot of questions. Maybe I'm just crazy. smile_teeth What are your thoughts?

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