I am sitting here in my astronomy class. Sorry I haven’t written for awhile. School and life have been a bear.Thankfully this will be my last class. Finals are next week but I am going to be in California. Yeah, work is sending me to a business conference. I am hoping to stop in at Mecca, Minitruckin’ Office.

Good or bad, I will be taking summer and fall off. I need a break from school. I think I may actually be going crazy! Really! Okay, I have always been a little off.

My other class, Race and ethnicity, is practically over. :-P I finished my term paper. It is titled "American Bushido". I am toying with the idea of selling it on the internet. It is original work. I still have to take the final. Luckily the final in my astronomy class is a take home.B) SWEET!!!

I have so many projects I need to work on. My house for one. If not my wife may kill me. Bright side, I fix some things around the house and I might actually get to work on my truck, the Slave-10. Later.....

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