Darren Rowse wrote an excellent post Friday. I live here in Salt Lake City and was here in 2002. I hate it when I miss that which is right in front of me. However this reminds me of a personal event in my life.
About 8 yrs ago I was delivering soda to a truck stop. While there in pulled a really sweet Prevost MotorCoach, towing a matching Jeep. The owner came over and I commented on how nice it was. The conversation went like this.
"What does a Prevost like that cost?"
"Well lets just say they 'start' at about 400 grand"
"Wow, You must be doing something right!"
"No, I'm just 'Lucky' that's all"
"It had to be more than 'Luck'. Come on now."
"Luck is when opportunity meets preparation"
I will never forget that. He hit it square. I truly believe this and would like to add that to Darren's comments about Steve Bradbury. In getting the Gold Steve Bradbury went through 12 years of Hard Slog. There are challenges to be met, character to be built, and a foundation to be laid.
Apparently in the land down under they have been using the phrase, "Pull a Bradbury." Well I think we should all "Pull a Bradbury." Roll up our sleeves and get to work. When we succeed, we can help others. That just makes it all the sweeter.

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