Mormon President...?!


Well this was kind of interesting. I received an e-mail from my father-in-law with this MSNBC link. It is a poll about voting for a Mormon for president of this great United States.

There are a few things to think about when evaluating this possibility.

  1. Is he actually an "active" LDS member?
  2. How big a factor does "religion" play in politics?

First let's look at an active Latter Day Saint member.

  • Doesn't smoke or drink.
  • Attends church every Sunday.
  • Pays a tithe (10% standard.)

So if he is an active LDS member then I think it basically makes him a consideration. However this is just a start. A beginning point in the evaluation. There are a lot more things about the Mormon religion I like but am not going to delve into presently. As a religion I believe it can foster strong ethical upstanding citizens.

This is key. Religion only play so much in the politics game. I want to know where the candidate stands on a multitude of issues. These "stands" mean more to me than where he goes to church, or what church for that matter. So how do you rank religion? Would you vote for him?

I probably would.

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