Scout Camp Week


Well what a week! I have 3 boys in the scouting program. So lucky me I got to use an entire week of vacation at Scout Camp. Whew hew!!

Last MTW I was at High Adventure Camp. We almost got rained out so it was most definitely a challenge. You really get to see who's got the "STUFF" when their gear is all wet and they can't get warm or dry. There were 3 or 4 troops who bailed ship. Their loss.

The sun came out as it always does and we did rock climbing, rappeling and a canoe excursion. The Rappel was a 160 ft descent. The canoes included a 40 ft cliff dive (which I let pass) and the rock climb was about 40 ft. Our boys caught crayfish when it was raining.

ThFSat was with my younger boy and was pretty laid back but it was still fun.

Now the ? is can I still get all of my tests and homework done by Tues. to pass my classes? Probably, but it'll be close. L8R.....

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